Case Study 1: Private Landscaping – Verney Naylor, MGDA Garden Designer, Co. Limerick

For this contract in Co. Limerick, we had the pleasure of working with Verney Naylor, one of the most respected Landscape Designers in Ireland. Shannonvale Landscaping carried out all the landscaping there, including all the planting and paving.

Case Study 2: Commercial Landscaping  РThe Sneem Hotel, Sneem, Co. Kerry

The Sneem Hotel, opened in 2007, is located on the Ring of Kerry and overlooks the beautiful Goldens Cove. Shannonvale Landscaping carried out the entire landscaping on the grounds of the hotel, prior to opening.

Some of our work included the sourcing and planting of many specialised plants. As the nature of the ground was rocky, we went to great lengths to drain and prepare the ground, that results in the manicured lawns that exist there currently.